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Have you been Considering Hip Joint Replacement?


Have you been experiencing hip pain?  Did you know that the major cause of long-term hip pain is arthritis?  If you are taking medication and various forms of therapy for hip pain and this is not working for you, you may want to talk to an orthopedic surgeon to see if hip joint replacement is right for you.  You will need to tell your doctor about the medications and/or therapy you are currently receiving as well as the changes you've made to accommodate your discomfort.  Let your doctor know if you are unable to perform normal activities and whether you have problems sleeping.  These are all good reasons for you to consider hip replacement therapy.


Hip replacement is fairly commonplace these days with a high success rate and have been reported to last for 15 to 30 years after surgery.  New surgical procedures and hip replacement prosthetics are being developed with advances in technology at a rapid rate making them safer and more affordable.


Hip replacement involves placing a prosthesis into the femur and placing a cup into the hip socket to replace your damaged joint due to arthritic damage.  Make sure you discuss any risks associated with this surgery with your doctor.  Bear in mind that you will require physical therapy after your surgery as a form of rehabilitation and that you will have to take antibiotics before, during and after your surgery.  It is a good idea to read about various types of hip replacement implants to see if you can identify any problems that may have been reported.  In fact, Zimmer, one manufacturer of hip implants has had a recall.  A number of doctors complained that Zimmer's implant was faulty and that many patients will probably need a second surgery to replace the faulty device.  If you had hip surgery between 2006 and July 2008 and your implant is failing or must be replaced, you need to contact your orthopedic surgeon.  Your physician needs to let you know which manufacturer your hip replacement came from so you will know what action you need to take.


Zimmer Durom Cup Recall:


Zimmer hip replacements have been implanted in 12,000 patients.  You will need to contact your orthopedic surgeon to see if you received the Zimmer Durom Cup implant.  If you have received this defective implant, you may want to contact an attorney to see if you qualify for a Zimmer lawsuit.  Zimmer has suspended marketing and distributing the Durom Cup in the U.S. while they take time to provide further surgical instructions and surgeon training.  However, the Durom Cup will still be marketed outside the U.S.  The Zimmer Durom Cup recall was issued on July 24, 2008.  Reports indicate that implant failure occurs within two years and is due to cup loosening from the hip socket.


If you have experienced a Zimmer hip replacement failure or any other hip replacement illness, you may be entitled to financial compensation. You may want to contact a Zimmer attorney to see if you qualify for a Zimmer lawsuit.

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Zimmer Hip Replacement Recall

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This article was published on 2010/09/16